Saturday, March 24, 2018

Evening of classical guitar. Ekaterina Pushkarenko (N. Novgorod)

Charming and charismatic guitarist Ekaterina Pushkarenko (Moscow) will perform for you masterpieces of Spanish music. A unique program of the concert will give you fascinating harmony and rhythms, a fiery temperament and a sense of celebration.

Ekaterina Pushkarenko performs with solo concerts all over the world. Her game is distinguished by a bright emotionality, contrasting dynamic shades, and a subtle nuance and velvet sound can charm even the most experienced listener. We will be glad to see you at our events!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Concerts 2013-2014

Tour of ChinaJuly 24 - 27 - concert and jury at the International Guitar Festival in Shenyang (China) July 29 - concert in Zibo (China) July 31 - concert in Changdu (China)August 1 - master class at the Changdu Conservatory August 3 concert in Shantou, ChinaAugust 4 - master class in the music. Shantou College August 6 - concert in G. Chingdao, ChinaAugust 8 - master class in the city of QingdaoAugust 11 - concert in Guangzhou
September 30 - concert together with Yevgeny Pushkarenko in the library of I. Turgenev early. in 19.October 5 - concert in DK "Novogireevo together with A.Subbotin
October 6 - concert in "Tsaritsyno", Grand Dvarets, a drawing roomOctober 12 - concert in the Cathedral of "Peter and Paul", guitar + organ, beginning at 16.00, A.VivaldiOctober 17 - concert in the House of Scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences with A.Subbotin, beginning. at 19. October 22 - two concerts in the city of OrelOctober 24 - concert in the Anglican Church of St. Andrew's guitar + organ "Bach-Vivaldi"November 2 - concert in the Cathedral of Peter and Paul "Astor Piazzolla"November 5 - concert in the city of Korolev
November 23 - concert in the Cathedral of Peter and Paul "Giuseppe Verdi"November 15 - concert in Dzerzhinsky December 19 - concert in the Anglican Church of St. Andrew IN THE PROGRAM of H.Rodrigo

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Concerts 2012- 2013

Concerts 2012- 2013

August 29 - Manor "Arkhangelsk Concert in the frame of the festival" Spanish Fiesta "project of Tatiana Lanskoy.
September 4 - concert in the Cathedral of Peter and Paul
September 11 - 19 - Tours in the Crimea (Sevastopol, Simferopol, Alushta, Yalta, Nikolaevka).
September 24 - concert in the Gallery of Shilov
October 18 - concert in the estate "Tsaritsyno" Bazhenov Hall "
October 15 - concert in Podolsk Ushod "Ivanovo"
October 24 - concert in the theater "Fourth Wall"
November 6 - 14 - in the jury and concert at the Internation GUITAR Festival in Bangkok (Thailand)
November 26 - concert "VIVA Verdi" in the Cathedral of Peter and Paul
November 30 - concert together with Maria Moiseeva, guitar in duet with organ "Bach-Vivaldi in the Anglican Church of St. Andrew
December 8 - recording of a solo DVD in South Korea about. JEJU
December 10 - concert in the theater on. Jeju
December 12 - concert in Seoul South Korea
December 13 - master class at the Conservatory of Seoul, South Korea
December 15 - concert in Seoul
December 20 - concert in the Glazunov Gallery, Moscow
December 27 - concert at the festival "The Road to Christmas"
January 4 - concert in the Grand Palace of the Tsaritsino Manor
January 6 - "Duet of guitars", in a duet with Evgeny Pushkarenko (guitar). Museum-Reserve "Tsaritsyno", Grand Palace, Bazhenov Hall, beginning at 16.00.
January 15 - concert in Sergiev Posad
January 26 - concert in the city of Korolev
February 14 - "Bach - Vivaldi", in a duet with Maria Moiseeva (organ). Anglican Church of St. Andrew, beginning at 19.30.
February 23 - concert in the theater "The Fourth Wall with A.Subbotin
March 4 - concert in the chamber hall of the CDU
March 26-28 - in the jury and concert at the regional contest Cheboksary
April 6 - concert "Tango for Two" together with Andrei Subbotin, Grand Palace of the estate "Tsaritsyno", Bazhenov Hall.
April 19 - concert in Obninsk
April 23 - a concert in the School of Music of the IM. Grechaninov, beginning at 18.00
April 30 - Peter and Paul Cathedral, a concert in support of A. Zimakov, beginning at 20.00, all the money collected from the concert will go to help A. Zimakov for an expensive operation on his fingers.
1 - May 12 - tours on m \ "Nekrasov"
June 4 - concert in the manor "Ostankino"

Friday, March 15, 2013

2013.03.15 Festival "Strings of Young Russia" at the Gnessin Academy

Passed a master class in the framework of the festival "Strings of Young Russia" at the Academy of Music. Gnessin